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AV : Extender : HDMI : Over Cat5e/Cat6 : 30m : Wall Plate : 8200 : Monoprice

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[OTV Value] This product features a 1 year in-store warranty with 2 over the counter replacements. Extended warranty is not offered


Extend the range of your High Speed HDMI® signal and keep the wiring hidden safely within your walls using this HDMI Wall Plate Extender!
The HDMI Wall Plate Extenders use Cat5e or Cat6 network cables to transmit the HDMI audio-video signal over distances greater than the 25 foot maximum certified for High Speed signals using HDMI cables alone. To use them you need to run two Cat5e/6 cables through the walls. Note that these must be CL2 rated for in-wall use and must be wired to the EIA/TIA-568B standard.
Next you plug the ends of each cable into the backs of the wall plates. Make sure that the wall plate labeled "HDMI IN" is at the source side and the one labeled "HDMI OUT" is at the destination end. Once the cables are inserted into the wall plates, screw in the cable bridges to make sure they do not disconnect or come loose.
Tip: The Cat5e/6 cables need to be plugged into the appropriate jack on the back of the wallplate, labeled 1 and 2. To make it easier to identify which cable is which, it is recommended that you use different colored cables. So, for example, the Red cable would be Cable 1 and the Green cable would be Cable 2.
Now, install the Wall Plates into a single-gang, low voltage mounting bracket (not included) in the wall and install the faceplates. Your extender is now ready for use! Simply plug the output of your source device (e.g., AV Receiver, Blu-Ray player, etc.) into the HDMI IN jack and plug the TV in your remote room into the HDMI OUT jack.
Under most circumstances the system will draw all necessary power from the HDMI cable itself. If you have signal reliability issues, you may need to plug a 5 VDC AC adapter into one or both of the wall plates to provide necessary power. Alternatively, you can hardwire a 5 VDC AC adapter into the back of the remote wall plate (labeled HDMI OUT), with the positive wire connected to the + and the negative wire connected to the - connection.

Note: Monoprice strongly recommends the use of minimum 24 AWG HDMI cables when connecting a device, such as this extender, between the source and destination devices to ensure minimal signal loss and maximum High Speed signal reliability. 

Note: Although this extender will work with Cat5e UTP cables, Monoprice STRONGLY recommends using Cat6 STP cabling for anything longer than minimal distances. Cat6 STP cabling will provide the highest reliability and signal integrity to ensure that your installation is trouble-free under all conditions for years to come.

Note: The 5 VDC power jacks on the front of each wall plate are "standard" cylindrical DC power jacks with a 2.1 mm pin diameter.


  • Extends HDMI 1080p signals reliably up to 30 meters (90 feet)
  • Automatic adjustment of feedback, equalization, and amplification
  • Powered by the HDMI cable in most installations
  • Optional 5 VDC power input for the rare cases when self-power is insufficient for a reliably signal
  • Conforms to North American wall plate standard
  • Can use Cat5e or Cat6, UTP or STP cabling
  • Supports HDMI resolutions up to 1080p with 12-bit color depth
  • Supports high resolution audio, including DTS-HD Master Audio™ and Dolby True-HD™