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Remote Services

Home System Diagnostic

We will log into your PC and run our standard diagnostics. If the issues is not hardware related, we will do the repairs immediately. If the issue is hardware, or something we need to test manually, you can used the remote service charge towards our in-store diagnostic fee. All our remote sessions are recorded and stored for 3 months.

Schedule an appointment in the below form, or call in if you require rush service.

Click Here to download the program you'll need.

Rush Services: $50/hr

Need immediate help? Give us a call, we'll send you a link and immediately log into your PC to get it up and running. One hour payment needed in advance.

Book-in Services: $35/hr

Book a time to leave your PC on with our program installed. We'll remotely access and diagnose your PC without you needed to be there. One hour payment needed in advance.

We need a time and date to access your PC remotely after the software has been installed