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Warranty & Returns

OTV is a locally owned, low-profit reseller that aims to provide the best prices in the province through tough and strategic bargaining techniques. Because of this, we ask that all patrons who shop at OTV please read the following policies carefully:


OTV does NOT offer returns or exchange on the following items:
(these items are considered final sale and may not be returned/refunded or exchanged under any circumstance)

  • Software (such as windows licenses, antivirus, or office suite programs)
  • Personal items (such as ear buds)
  • Consumable items (such as ink, toner or thermal paste)
  • Specially ordered items (such as "available on request" products)
  • Custom ordered parts (these items typically require a deposit)
  • Large quantity requests (more than we would regularly stock)
  • Printers
  • Projectors

OTV offers a 15 day limited return policy on most items. Beyond 15 days an item may only be exchanged for warranty purposes and is no longer eligible for return or refund. The following conditions apply:
(Exchanges are treated the same as a return and must be completed within 15 days of purchase)

  • Items returned must be in new, resell-able condition and contain all original packaging / contents.
  • Open or used items will be subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee.
  • Items missing packaging may be ineligible for return.
  • All open box items are subject to inspection and testing before being refunded or exchanged.
  • Items in blister/sealed packaging will automatically incur a restocking fee once opened.
  • Customers may be asked to provide a valid invoice for any returns or exchanges. A full name and photo ID may be required in certain circumstances to verify a purchase.
  • Certain exceptions may be granted, however a restock fee will be applied.
  • Due to fluctuating prices on computer components, OTV will only offer a refund of an amount equal to the current market value, or the original purchase price, whichever is lesser at the time of refund.
  • Laptops / Notebooks and GPUs (Video Cards) are only elligable for a 7 day return.
  • Any conditions or circumstances not outlined in the above policy are subject to manager approval.


OTV offers a limited, 1 year in-store warranty on some products. However, OTV does NOT offer free in-store warranty on the following items:
(Warranty on these products is provided through the manufacturer)

  • Projectors (optional in-store warranty is available)
  • Specially ordered items / Custom ordered parts (OTV may facilitate warranty on your behalf if the manufacturer directs you to bring the item back to the place of purchase. This process may take 2-6 weeks)
  • Tablets / Printers (OTV offers a 7 day dead on arrival guarantee for these products)
  • Laptops / Notebooks, GPUs (Video Cards) are only eligible for a 7 day warranty. Additional warranty can be purchased at the point of sale.
  • Before offering an exchange for warranty OTV must verify that the product is defective by manufacturer standards. Therefor items requiring warranty exchange may be held up to 5 business days for testing.
  • Once an item is deemed defective, OTV will replace it with the identical model. The replacement will be new whenever possible, however, this is limited to product availability and may be exchanged for a refurbished item if a new replacement is not readily available.
  • At OTV's discretion, a similar model with similar function may be offered in exchange, whenever an identical model is not available. If you do not wish to accept the replacement offer, there may be a 2-6 week waiting period in which OTV will obtain a warranty from the manufacturer on your behalf.
  • If a similar replacement is not readily available, under certain circumstances, OTV may offer an exchange for a different model. The exchanged price will be equal to that of today's market value or the original purchase price, whichever is lesser. The item may then be upgraded to a different model.
  • Customers will be asked to provide a valid invoice for any warranty. A full name and photo ID may be required in certain circumstances to verify a purchase.
  • Physically damaged items will not be covered by OTV's in-store warranty.
  • Modifying a product in a permanent fashion (such as firmware flashes or disassembling a product) will void any in-store warranty.
  • The replacement product will be warrantied by OTV for the remaining period based on the original invoice date. Any warranty claims beyond one year of purchase must be made to the product's manufacturer. OTV will always offer an in-store, 90-day warranty on replacements, however, the warranty does not renew for another year.

Other Warranty/Return Conditions

  • OTV does not offer in-store credit. Our policy is to refund any returns and to exchange for any warranty.
  • If you do not wish to accept OTV's warranty exchange policy you may attempt to attain replacement yourself through the manufacturer. OTV will help to facilitate an exchange between the end-user and the manufacturer whenever necessary.
  • Today's market value is a price which is equal to that of the current value of that exact model in today's market. This price will be determined by OTV Technologies purchasing department, using current market research and current product knowledge. If you do not wish to accept the market value, deemed fair by OTV, you may wait for warranty replacement on that particular product. This period may take 4-8 weeks.

Off Lease Desktops, Notebooks and Displays
(OTV offers extended warranty on all Off Lease computers and monitors)

  • Off Lease Desktops are warrantied in-store for 90 days, with the option to upgrade to 1 year. This covers hardware failure only. This does not include any software related issues or physical damage.
  • Off Lease Notebooks are warrantied in-store for 90 days, with the option to upgrade to 1 year. This does NOT include the Notebook battery. Batteries in off-lease notebooks are considered AS IS and are not covered by an in-store warranty. Warranty includes hardware failure only. This does not include any software related issues or physical damage.
  • Off Lease Desktop and Notebook power adaptors may be covered by warranty, as long as no physical damage exists (such as fraying/broken cables).
  • Off Lease Displays are warrantied in-store for 90 days, with the option to upgrade to 1 year.
  • All Off Lease Desktops, Notebooks and Displays may be returned within 7 days if you are unsatisfied with the item.

Clearance Products
(items with CDMG, CPKG, CPRT, CRFB, CWAR in their OTV Part No. [SKU code])

  • Clearance parts are warrantied in-store for 30 days. Additional warranty is NOT offered by OTV on these items, unless specified. These items may be returned within 15 days.
  • Manufacturer warranty may or may not be available on certain clearance items.
  • Clearance items may or may not be in like new condition.

Salvaged Parts and Accessories

  • Salvaged or Pulled parts are warrantied in-store for 30 days (exchange only). There is no manufacturer warranty available on these items. Returns must be made within 15 days.

OTV Preferred Products
(Warrantied for 1 years in-store)

  • Preferred products are exchanged for new similar products within 1 year. If a replacement product cannot be obtained within a reasonable time, OTV may offer a refund equivalent to that of today's market value.

OTV Tier based systems
(All OTV Tier system are considered custom builds, and therefore are considered final sale once a deposit has been made)

  • All OTV Tier Systems are given Hardware express warranty. This means that they will automatically receive the next spot available in our service queue
  • This warranty includes all hardware installed and build modifications at the time of purchase. This warranty excludes damage as a result of misuse, physical damage, or software issues such as malware and computer viruses. Tier systems will not be warrantied if there are any modifications of any hardware not performed by OTV. OTV is not liable for any accidental data loss or data corruption, even when due to hardware failure. Please ensure you have all data backed up prior to bringing in your computer for warranty.
  • OTV Gamer and Home & Office Tier, and Workstation systems are warrantied for 2 years from the date of invoice.
    (A rush service labour fee may be charged if the computer requires immediate attention)
  • OTV Server systems are warrantied for 3 years from the date of invoice.
    (Server grade Tier systems receive priority service queue placement and rush service labour for free)

Monitor Warranty
(When the extended warranty is purchased)

  • OTV extended warranty does NOT include physical damage.
  • OTV extended warranty covers any manufacturer defects, in addition, OTV will also exchange your monitor with a new one should you find a single dead or stuck pixel (normally not covered by manufacturer standards).
  • Warranty must be purchased at the time of sale. If the monitor warranty is declined at the time of sale then all warranty is through the manufacturer only. Dead Pixel exchange does NOT apply if the warranty is declined. (A single dead pixel is not considered a manufacturer defect, and therefore is not be eligible for return or exchange). OTV offers a 7 day dead on arrival guarantee for monitors.

Batteries (New Only), Notebook Screens, Ink and Toner
(Ink, New Batteries, and Notebook Screens are special order items and are not eligible for return. However, OTV does offer in-store warranty in case of defect)

  • Batteries (NEW Only) - OTV offers a one year, limited warranty on all defective batteries. This does not include if your battery becomes depleted from use. Please bring your laptop in with the battery for us to test and verify the issue. Once confirmed as being defective OTV will return your battery to the manufacturer for a replacement. This warranty period may take 2-3 weeks. Batteries cannot be immediately exchanged as we do not keep stock on most models.
  • Batteries from Off-Lease Systems - These are not covered under any warranty as they vary in charge and capacity. Off Lease batteries are sold as-is.
  • Notebook Screens - OTV offers a 1-year in-store warranty on replacement notebook screens installed by a technician. Warranty does not cover physical damage. There is no warranty for LCD screens that were not installed by an OTV technician.
  • Ink + Toner - Ink and Toner defects must be reported to OTV as soon as possible. OTV cannot return ink or toner beyond 30 days. If this is your first time purchasing Ink and Toner please ensure you have tested at least one of the new cartridges with your printer within 7 days to ensure compatibility with your model. Your printer model number is required for any warranty issues. Before accepting returns or exchange, further troubleshooting may be required to determine what the exact cause of the defect is.

Under certain circumstances, if ink, toner, batteries, or screens are not compatible with your model, assuming that correct information was provided, then a refund may be issued. (less a $25 non-refundable deposit, this covers the cost to facilitate shipping to and from the supplier)