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Services & Fees


  • Hardware and software diagnostics
  • PC checkup / PC tuneup / general maintenance
  • Virus & malware removal
  • Hardware installation / computer assembly
  • Data transfer and data backup


$50.00 - System Diagnostics
General Hardware and basic software diagnostics. Diagnostic fee will be credited toward any necessary service charges.
Additional $25 if a laptop needs to be disassembled during diagnostics

$85.00/hr - Rush Service
Service skips the service queue and gets the next available spot on the tech bench; does not increase the speed of the service
Replaces Diagnostic fee, first hour taken as a deposit

$25.00 - Extended Single Component Diagnostics
Diagnostics on an single isolated computer component (RAM, HDD, GPU, etc)

General Service Fees

$50.00/hr - Misc General Labour

$10.00 - Computer Cleaning
This fee may be mandatory, depending on the condition of the computer

$5-$10 - Quick Service Charge
Removal of HDD & installation in enclosure, installation of GPU drivers, laptop ram replacement requiring minor disassembly

$75.00 - Computer Checkup
General diagnostics and system tune-up including disc defrag, start-up program cleanup

$150.00 - Virus, spyware, and malware removal
There is a large variety of Malware. Depending on the severity, a higher fee may be charged.

$75.00 - Computer Assembly
Anything requiring the installation of a motherboard into a case. Fee may increase depending on difficulty of installation

$25.00 - Tower PSU Installation
Replacement of the power supply only, in an already assembled tower

$85.00 - Laptop Screen replacement labour

Data Transfer Fees

- Data transfer services do not include storage media

$50/50GB of data - Data backup

$75.00/hr - Data Recovery
Recovery of deleted data; we cannot gaurantee quality of data recovered

$75.00 - Drive Clone
Dependent on HDD condition

Windows Installation Fees

- We do not provide OS support or installation for non-windows environments

$100.00 - Operating system Installation - Windows 10
Customer provides license key and COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

$150.00 - Operating system Installation - Windows 7/8
Customer provides license key and COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

Additional information

  • Saskatchewan's Enviromental Handling Fees (EHF) can be found here.
  • OTV does not provide over the phone support for any 3rd party products.
  • Virus removal does not include the installation of an anti-virus program.
  • We are not equipped to troubleshoot internet connection issues. Contact your ISP to rule out any internet service provider issue.